Good evening everyone

There will eventually be a new Oxfordshire Netball website but we are not rushing into it – a sub committee will spend a while deciding how we want it to look and what it should contain.

In the short term we are tidying up the present site – removing old news, correcting inaccurate information and hopefully have our documents downloadable. Sue Lyons (ON Communications Officer, Abbey NC) is collecting all the necessary information for that, before passing it on to the amazing Anita Kent, in Perth, WA.

ALL CLUBS – CHAIRS, SECRETARIES, TEAM CAPTAINS : look at your clubs listing and send amendments to Sue by 8.00 pm this Sunday 29 October with anything else you notice that needs correcting. sue@lyonsmarketing.com

Scorers : should stand together at the side of the court and check they have the same score after every goal
Umpires should be informed immediately if there is discrepancy – they must establish the correct score
Spare set of bibs : our spare set of black bibs for use in emergencies is still missing from the duty crate – someone must have them – please enquire from all your teams
Umpires : please be sure to record on the match card or results sheet or e-mail onlresults@hotmail.com the details if you have to caution, warn or suspend a player : give club, playing position, name if known and the misdemeanour for which you had to act


Lesley Williams ONL Chair 07982 439 828