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NET 10 FOR LIFE 2017

NET 10 FOR LIFE  is live again 10-24 March 2017, with a target of £20,000+ 
Every team, club, league, school, college, Back to Netball  group is being encouraged to get involved to fundraise for Cancer Research UK  with the 10p per goal principle 
Because of the number of ‘bye’ weeks we have this season,  ONL  will run Net 10 for life’ for the full two weeks in order for all clubs to participate.  We will make next week 13-15-16 March our key week but scoop up from any clubs not playing then on 20-22-23 March,  the final full week of the season 
The basic fundraising will be from 10p per goal in your match  but  clubs are encouraged to add to the event by dressing up – cameras will be out – &/or raising more cash in any imaginative/crazy ways you wish – there are ideas in the downloadable digi-pack  
We also expect to have a stock of some of the merchandise so bring extra money with you! 
Duty teams will give each club a named envelope for the collected cash when they report in – please take away your donations and pay them in to the Just Giving  page yourselves, either as a team or as a club  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/South-England-Netball
Umpires should add to their own club’s donatiions
Please be sure to put  ONL  + your club & team as your name on the JG South site, so we can tally how much the league, county & region has raised 
This is a much safer & efficient way of paying in the funds than trying to collect it together each evening 
THANK YOU everyone – have fun! 
Lesley Williams – ONL Chair


NET 10 for life – A3 Poster
NET 10 for life – Information Pack
NET 10 for life – Order Form 2017

ONL : End of half season messages : IMPORTANT – for Club committees, players and umpires

please pass on the information from this e-mail to ALL the relevant people

Netball Rule Changes – effective 1st September 2016.pdf
ONL Winter League rules 2016-17 v2.doc



half a season playing to them – ALL players & umpires should now know them but some don’t……

please ensure one or both of the summaries (which will hopefully be on the downloads page) is given to every club/league member – one is from EN & one from Nikki Dewick of Abbey NC – obviously some of the details there do not apply in ONL e.g. timing of breaks

UMPIRES  please let Jill Allington (County Officiating Secretary) know any queries or problems you have had with them  :  officiating@ondb.co.uk


it seems some umpires haven’t got their heads around the current ONL  accident/blood/timing/scorers rules  – please ensure they all have a copy 


as per the ONL rules, you are permitted to change players between your club’s teams for the second half  but if moving anyone but you MUST then submit the new hard copy SIGNED BY THE WHOLE  TEAM, TEAM LIST/CODES OF CONDUCT  by the first match in January 

any player who has changed teams may play down just twice in the second half 

a separate e-mail from Wendy Ilsley will be asking you to confirm all is well for the second half


OCFC management has threatened to require us to remove the duty team crate from the Arena each evening because it hasn’t, on several occasions, been returned to the storage cupboard.….. that would be impossible of course but we MUST BE HELPFUL   while  they are still in turmoil.   (There are further complications with finances and management so we must wait longer until Reception is staffed, the courts/posts/nets are maintained etc.)

My gripe is that the crate is also often left in a MESS, with very little in its correct, clearly labelled place .  Please ensure your Duty team members are fully briefed –  clear, detailed  guidance is there 

THANK YOU to the clubs who have volunteered to fill  the duty team gaps next half – I think there are just a couple left


advance warning : we are not prepared to have another season like this one is  with such uneven division numbers  – we are aiming at 6  equal divisions of 10 teams so, sympathetic though we will try to be,  some clubs may have to accept a placement with which they are not comfortable

WELL DONE  to those teams who were promoted beyond their comfort zone this season….. no complete disasters as far as we can see…..


there will be a third trial session of the just turn up and play, non-commitment  NN  on Wednesday 4 January, 7.30-9.00 – before ONL restarts – tell/bring any friends or colleagues who have talked about trying netball again…..

Season’s greeting to everyone from the ONL Officers!   Here’s to Oxfordshire Netball’s 65th year…..

Lesley Williams – ONL Chair 

onlchair@hotmail.co.uk    07982 439 828


ONL Duty team reminders – important

please share this Duty team information with all your members 

(1)  a repeat of the fact that the duty crate is now kept in a storage room marked ‘Officials’  (formerly a changing room)  : it’s along the corridor, through the first double doors – turn left on the left : it’s normally kept locked but until we have established a key system,  it will be unlocked for us  on M, W, Th evenings

and  THE CRATE MUST  BE RETURNED TO THE STORAGE ROOM AT THE END OF THE EVENING   it was left at Reception on Thursday 17 November and was found open,  obviously having been rifled through

(2)  there are only 2 small clipboards left in the box file   so the other 3  were either taken on Thursday  (unlikely) or have mistakenly found their way into team kitbags – please search & return!  

(3)  duty teams – please try harder to return everything to the correct clearly labelled boxfile and the phone (which on Thursday was loose in the bottom of the crate)  to the labelled white plastic box, along with the stopwatches


Photographer at ONL matches, Community Arena

For the ON 65 anniversary event   

A reminder that on Monday 14th & Wednesday 16th November,  there will be a camera man at central venue, videoing matches from both early and late games.  He has also been asked  to video team talks at quarter times if teams are willing to have this  done, also umpires and spectators.

Please can teams also communicate to parents of any players U18.  Lesley Kilpack needs to know if any teams object and we will make sure they aren’t filmed.
The video footage is for use at the Awards night, but at some stage it will be released on social media  – Our YouTube Channel, Twitter and  Facebook following the event in June. 

The planned filming on Thursday 17th November has to be rearranged and may not be until January 

Also in January there will be  interviews with specific players, umpires, coaches etc, but those people affected will be notified nearer the time, as we haven’t set a date yet.

DUTY TEAMS : on those nights, can the matches please be consolidated onto 4 consecutive courts  1-4 or 3-6 so that it leaves two spare together in order for the filming to be done on wide angle.

Oxfordshire Netball League – winter season 2016-17

to all ONL clubs : a reminder that the pre-season meeting is on TUESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER, 7.00 for 7.15 at the Arena : all clubs must send at least one representative

you should have received all the league paperwork (there’s lots) by e-mail from Wendy Ilsley, ONL Secretary – contact her quickly if it hasn’t reached the right person onlsecretary@hotmail.co.uk

matches start w/b September 12, with no tournament week this season – be sure to start collecting signatures & affiliation numbers on your team lists so they are ready in time

Lesley Williams – ONL Chair

Colin Taylor RIP

Oxfordshire Netball League is shocked to have to announce the sudden death of Colin Taylor, Managing Director of Oxford City FC, who all ONL players will have seen regularly around the Community Arena, always ready to help us when needed.

We extend our sympathies to his family – one of his daughters, Laura, plays for Abbey NC – and to the football club.

Matches this week beginning 18 JULY will begin with a minute’s silence in respect.(please note correction to date) Please inform your members

Lesley Williams
ONL Chair

ONL Summer pre-season tournaments

THANK YOU  to the   teams from Vale (led by Jo Bakewell) and Abingdon Ladies (led by Holly Ponting) netball clubs for masterminding this week’s tournaments and to all the umpires who so seamlessly covered all the matches – especially those who were there for all three evenings.  Apologies for the state of some of the chocolate!

What an amazing finish on Thursday….   for those who weren’t there, a violent hailstorm at about 9.15 brought things to a very abrupt, wet  ending

RESULTS       (when I type this in, it all lines up beautifully & tidily –  when I ‘post’, it’s a mess!   no doubt someone can explain why)
Monday       Section Z              winners Trinity B                           runners up ACNC B
                               Section Y              winners OSP Betas                       runners up NOA
                               Section X              winners Trinity A                           runners up ACNC A
                               Section Z               winners Brize Jets                        runners up OSP Alphas

Wednesday    Section Y    winners Banbury Blues   runners up Kites
             Section X    winners Trinity         runners up NOA Jets
             Section W    winners AL Diamonds     runners up  Shrivenham Stars

Thursday     Division 4    winners Didcot C       runners up  Wallingford Crystal 
             Division 5    winners Peartree Randoms  runners up Bicester Bullets B

several clubs had an excellent week, then - especially well done to brand new  club Peartree Randoms! 

Good wishes for the season proper, beginning on 9 May 
Note that w/b 16 May, the ring road will be closed again, all week, from 8.00 pm

Lesley Williams - ONL Chair 

Club advertisements for coaches & players

On our  forthcoming new/updated  website, we plan to have a page dedicated to  clubs seeking players, coaches and umpires but until then…….

TRINITY is currently looking to recruit another Level 2 coach to join the existing team of 6 Level 2 and 2 Level 1 experienced coaches for the forthcoming 2016/17 season. This is a paid position.  Ideally they would like a Level 2 coach, but if you are Level 1 working towards your Level 2, then they are happy to consider you and help with your development.

Please see the Club website : www.trinitynetball.com

contact either Club Manager, Lisa Smith : trinitynetball@hotmail.com

or Barbara Bradshaw (U13s coach) on: barbarabradshaw@hotmail.com or 07717 252 840


ABINGDON LADIES   is recruiting players  now and in preparation for the next  winter season   www.alnc.co.uk

All abilities welcome.  Training is twice a month in Abingdon with matches once a week in Oxford

contact : Amy Wiggins  :  info@alnc.co.uk     07776 054 909   call or text for more information


OXFORDSHIRE IN THE ZONE – Club Forum – 29.03.16

OXSPA (Oxfordshire Sport & Physical Activity – the former Oxfordshire Sports Partnership) Club Forum,  on Tuesday 29 March  at the Didcot Leisure Centre focused on funding 

Here are some useful links if you are looking for funding and courses.  Club Matters is a new multi-dimensional site that will be useful for all clubs : an administrator needs to register the club on the site and then all club members can sign up and access all sorts of useful information

Club Matters – http://www.sportenglandclubmatters.com/

 OxSPA Fundinghttp://www.oxspa.co.uk/funding-guides

 OxSPA In The Zone  (courses) – http://www.oxspa.co.uk/in-the-zone

 Sport England Funding – https://www.sportengland.org/funding/our-different-funds/

South Oxfordshire DC – http://www.southoxon.gov.uk/services-and-advice/community-advice-and-support/grants-and-community-loans    each District Council will have its equivalent of this information

Ring road closure

Please be aware that the Oxford ring road is due to be closed between the Headington roundabout and the Marston turn from 8.00 pm – 6.00 am all week, beginning Monday 7 March 

Obviously London Road, Headington, Headley Way (down past the JR hospital) and Marsh Lane will therefore be extra busy.

Please allow extra time.

And please add to our £411 Net 10 total 

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NET 10 FOR LIFE  is live again 10-24 March 2017, with a target of £20,000+  Every team, club, league, school, college, Back to Netball  group is being encouraged to get involved to fundraise for Cancer Research UK  with the 10p per goal principle  Because of the number of ‘bye’ weeks we... Read more →

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