ONL Winter season general meeting : Tuesday 24 July : 7.00 for 7.15

The times they are a-changing   (ancient folk song……) 

This meeting,  which has formerly been held  in early September,  has been brought forward in order that divisions and fixtures are set much earlier  and umpires assigned – and all can be loaded onto League Republic!

Paperwork will be e-mailed to club contacts by Monday 16 July. Please make sure it reaches whoever will  be attending  for your club

All winter season 2018-19 clubs must be represented

Lesley Williams 

ONL Chair 

EN Summer affiliation taster rates 2018

the winter season is nearly done – just Monday’s Prem & Division 1 re-rearranged games to play – will it snow?
re Summer season : here are the ‘taster’ affiliation rates  – see application details below
Regional Fee
County Fee
Total Fee (inc. National)
Under 11
Under 14
Under 18
Over 18
Taster Rates   From 1 March 2018, Taster Rate affiliation fees will be available to “new” and “returning” members. Players are eligible if they   haven’t affiliated before, or if they haven’t affiliated within the last three seasons (meaning their last affiliation ended 31 August 2014, or earlier). Terms apply. 

Please note that these rates cannot be applied retrospectively & EN must receive the forms in order to check eligibility & add the appropriate discount


Note that this affiliation cannot be done on line – it’s a paper form in the post – so please get organised quickly if this applies to any new players you have
Lesley Williams   
ONL Chair 

ONL – revised match schedule for January to March 2018

Hello everyone – happy new year!

I sent an all clubs e-mail yesterday with a BRAND NEW PLAYING SCHEDULE for all divisions for the second half of the season but regret I need a lesson in how to attach documents on this site

the rescheduling has followed the withdrawal of two teams from division 2 : Abingdon Ladies Gems (which sadly may bring to an end Abingdon Ladies as a club) & Wallingford Tornadoes and the subsequent move of Didcot Comets (thank you to them) who were top of division 3 to division 2, therefore resulting tidily in 10 teams in each division and the removal of bye weeks for all clubs – but the reinstatement of a break for half term week! (although we may use it for rearranged matches if any are cancelled during the weeks before that)

we have not yet decided a fair & workable arrangement for the transfer or not of points for Didcot so the online results for divisions 2 & 3 may not be accurate for a few weeks – we probably have to refer again to Anita Kent in Perth, WA!

also attached to the e-mail is the UMPIRING SCHEDULE for Prem, divisions 1, 2, 3 and the trainee mentored umpires in division 4 – it is nearly complete – the green slots still need finalising and there may be a few swaps. The schedule is also being sent to all the named umpires direct by Jill Allington.
Those umpires in divisions 2 & 3 who have not yet been observed will be assessed during this half season – Lesley K & Jill will be in touch about that.


thank you and good wishes for the second half season

Good evening everyone

There will eventually be a new Oxfordshire Netball website but we are not rushing into it – a sub committee will spend a while deciding how we want it to look and what it should contain.

In the short term we are tidying up the present site – removing old news, correcting inaccurate information and hopefully have our documents downloadable. Sue Lyons (ON Communications Officer, Abbey NC) is collecting all the necessary information for that, before passing it on to the amazing Anita Kent, in Perth, WA.

ALL CLUBS – CHAIRS, SECRETARIES, TEAM CAPTAINS : look at your clubs listing and send amendments to Sue by 8.00 pm this Sunday 29 October with anything else you notice that needs correcting. sue@lyonsmarketing.com

Scorers : should stand together at the side of the court and check they have the same score after every goal
Umpires should be informed immediately if there is discrepancy – they must establish the correct score
Spare set of bibs : our spare set of black bibs for use in emergencies is still missing from the duty crate – someone must have them – please enquire from all your teams
Umpires : please be sure to record on the match card or results sheet or e-mail onlresults@hotmail.com the details if you have to caution, warn or suspend a player : give club, playing position, name if known and the misdemeanour for which you had to act


Lesley Williams ONL Chair 07982 439 828


Tuesday 5 September : 7.00 for 7.15 pm : the Community Arena, Marston 

Papers will follow soon for the EGM & Winter season meeting. The EGM is to conduct the election of Officers for 2017-18 which we somehow overlooked at the AGM in July…..  which no one pointed out at the time….

All 2016-17 Officers are prepared to serve for ‘one more year’ but there may be others who would like to stand…..

Agenda, previous minutes, league rules, codes of conduct etc. will be e-mailed to club contacts later this week

All clubs : please check the contact and club details on this website (see Playing the game/Clubs) and let me know any corrections and updates

Lesley Williams – Chair ONL