ONL matters : Please ensure information is shared

1)  As Wendy Ilsley has already told you, Arrows Silver team has sadly withdrawn from Div 3 with immediate effect  – points from matches they have played or conceded in the second half of the season  have been deleted. Arrows should already have refunded court fees to the clubs with which they conceded in January and will do so for those which are missing games from this week. ONL has made a special concession in allowing the remaining Silver team members to play down in Arrows Black but with the restriction that only 3 may be in the squad for any one match, only 2 on court at one time

2)  Duty teams are reminded to turn the phone on and to follow the check list instructions, especially if they have not done duty before. Clubs are responsible for briefing their members on routines. If the phone needs charging, take it indoors and plug it in for as long as possible or give it to someone who will be there for early matches on the next ONL evening to charge at home use the black trumpet if the siren is being feeble.

3)  Sophie Andrews  (ONL Umpiring Secretary) will be on maternity leave from March 12 and therefore off duty for sending out emergency umpire appeals for a while – please contact umpires yourself, using the list provided. Best wishes to Sophie  for a happy & safe delivery.

4)  I’m sad to report that 2 cars were broken into at the Arena yesterday (Monday 5 February) &  had items stolen. I haven’t been told where exactly they were parked. Please be sure not to have any items of  value in your car.

5)  Advance notice that the Summer season ONL general meeting will be on Monday 16 April : the league will run from w/b Monday 30 April – then a week’s break for May Day bank holiday – then w/b 15 May through to w/b 16 July. Hopefully with a break for half term week, depending on division size – we’d like 6 x 10.   Registration forms and dates for that will come from  Wendy Ilsley or Liz  Pummery.

6) ONL AGM  & succession planning  3rd July.  ONL Fixtures Secretary, Correspondence Secretary & Chair have declared their intention to step down & allow some new blood to get involved. However, for continuity, we don’t think that it should be all 3 in the same year. So 1 or 2 of us will serve one final year with the hope of some new faces shadowing those roles.

So, between now and June we ask any clubs who are not currently providing officers or committee members for ONL or ONDB or OJNL or CL  to discuss with their members which role they could fill. Role descriptions are available – ask if you wish to read them.