ONL – revised match schedule for January to March 2018

Hello everyone – happy new year!

I sent an all clubs e-mail yesterday with a BRAND NEW PLAYING SCHEDULE for all divisions for the second half of the season but regret I need a lesson in how to attach documents on this site

the rescheduling has followed the withdrawal of two teams from division 2 : Abingdon Ladies Gems (which sadly may bring to an end Abingdon Ladies as a club) & Wallingford Tornadoes and the subsequent move of Didcot Comets (thank you to them) who were top of division 3 to division 2, therefore resulting tidily in 10 teams in each division and the removal of bye weeks for all clubs – but the reinstatement of a break for half term week! (although we may use it for rearranged matches if any are cancelled during the weeks before that)

we have not yet decided a fair & workable arrangement for the transfer or not of points for Didcot so the online results for divisions 2 & 3 may not be accurate for a few weeks – we probably have to refer again to Anita Kent in Perth, WA!

also attached to the e-mail is the UMPIRING SCHEDULE for Prem, divisions 1, 2, 3 and the trainee mentored umpires in division 4 – it is nearly complete – the green slots still need finalising and there may be a few swaps. The schedule is also being sent to all the named umpires direct by Jill Allington.
Those umpires in divisions 2 & 3 who have not yet been observed will be assessed during this half season – Lesley K & Jill will be in touch about that.


thank you and good wishes for the second half season