Officiating Overview

Netball is changing. Participation is growing, more clubs are developing and players are getting faster and stronger. High quality officiating at all levels is essential in helping us to be the number one sport for women and girls in England.

England Netball provides a structured National Umpire Accreditation programme for umpires, with five levels/awards from Into Officiating to international qualifications. Each level must be reached before you can move up the ladder. Here in Oxfordshire we require up to C level umpires to keep our leagues running. We regularly run Into Officiating and C Award courses in the county run by England netball.

View the England Netball Officiating Pathway HERE.

Details of Oxfordshire run courses will be sent out to all clubs, all umpires on our database and advertised here on the website.

If you are interested in becoming an umpire and would like to get some more information please contact our Officiating Officer.