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Introducing Walking Netball

The success of Walking Netball has made a huge impact on one Eastleigh resident in particular. Vicky Dennis, who played for 14 years in the Southampton Netball league, has recently come back to the sport through a new Walking Netball session in Hamble after being diagnosed with breast cancer 15 months ago.

Vicky moved to Southampton and joined the league 18 years ago, but inevitably prioritised work commitments and stopped playing.

Unfortunately, 15 months ago Vicky developed breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy resulting in limited movement and strength in her left arm as all her lymph nodes were removed. Vicky then developed lymphodema and was afraid she would never be able to return to her favourite sport.

After finding an advert for Walking Netball she decided to speak to her doctor and try it out. Vicky contacted Hampshire’s Netball Development Officer, Debbie Spindlow, and decided to give it a go.

“Walking Netball has allowed me to return to a sport I love.” Vicky goes on to say, “During the session I felt really alive for the first time in many months. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Exercise is essential for everyone but it’s vital when recovering from cancer. Playing netball within a team, meeting new people and returning to a game I never thought I would be able to play again is amazing.”

“It’s been a privilege to provide an opportunity for Vicky and the other ladies in Hamble, as well as across the County, to rejoin the sport they love,” says Debbie Spindlow Hampshire and IOW Netball Development Officer.

“Walking Netball is a perfect opportunity to get out of the house, meet new people and get fit at the same time.”

Thanks must also go to Hamble Sports Complex who have been supportive in providing the venue, Eastleigh Borough Council SportWorks who have helped to fund the initial sessions and pay for new equipment and Mo Edwards, the Walking Netball Host who has delivered the sessions and made new ladies feel welcome.


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